Public Teaching

Jacob offers lectures, workshops, and scholar-in-residence weekends on a variety of topics. Inquiries can be directed to him at or 215-896-5590.

A sample of topics:

  • Contemplative Shabbat Retreats
  • “Shefihat Lev: Pouring Out Your Heart to God in Prayer”
  • “Hen (Grace), Hesed (Love) and Rahamim (Compassion): Cultivating Self-Compassion, Receiving Divine Compassion”
  • “Worship for Agnostics: Building a Personal Relationship with a Non-Personal God”
  • “Jewish Spiritual Direction: Discerning God’s Presence in Our Lives”
  • “Spiritual Direction and Queer People”
  • “Diversity and Heresy in Jewish History”
  • “How Jewish Practice Is a Practice of Mindfulness”
  • “Queering Our Study of Torah”
  • “The Golden Age of Jews in Spain: What Can We Learn”
  • “Medieval Jewish Poetry: Affirming the Pleasures of This World”
  • “Creating New Midrash”

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