Spiritual Direction

Sitting with Jacob Staub in spiritual direction is like gazing into the lake at Sunset Crater.  The Crater is on the south end of the volcanic Cascade Mountain Range and considered one of the Wonders of the World.  The Lake, at inside the base of the crater, has the coolest, deepest, clearest water in North America, but requires a journey to find.  Both journey and destination are stunning.  That’s what it’s like with Jacob.                                         –Nancy Post, Ph.D.


The object of spiritual direction is to cultivate one’s ability to discern God’s presence in one’s life: to notice and appreciate moments of holiness, to maintain an awareness of the interconnectedness of all things, to explore ways to be open to the Blessed Holy One in challenging and difficult moments as well as in joyful ones. The director serves as a companion and witness, someone who helps you (sometimes with questions, sometimes just by listening) to discern the divine where you might have missed it and to integrate that awareness into your daily life, your tefillah (prayer), your tikkun olam (social justice) work, your study, your ritual practice.

How We WorkTogether

I meet with Spiritual Direction clients for one-hour sessions, either at my home office in the West Mount Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia or at my office in Wyncote, a northern suburb of Philadelphia. Most people meet with me every third or fourth week, though some find it helpful to meet more frequently. Depending on the specific circumstances, I am sometimes open to sitting with someone on the phone or on skype; usually that works only when we have established a prior in-person relationship.

When I sit with someone in Spiritual Direction, I witness his or her encounter with the holiness of being and with the mystery of existence. Our lives are infused with sparkling moments of inspiration that we often rush past. In Spiritual Direction, we discern those moments as well as the way that we are being called to greater meaning.

As the director, I serve as witness to your journey, shining a light on it. I see myself as a vessel facilitating the flow between you and the divine or the holy. I am in service of you and of the divine. I do not “direct” in the sense of telling you what to believe or what to do. You define the ultimate dimension in your life, whether you call that “God” or the mystery, or the holy, or the sacred Mother Earth, or anything else. You define the terms. I speak your language.

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What Others Say About Jacob

“I  have a sense of being offered perspectives that are not innately available to me.  They enlarge my view, add to it as do facets in a gemstone, refracted and augmented truth differently.  Thank you for the skill with which you do your work, thank you for magnifying the Holy here and now.  Above all, I believe you have helped me to know G-d as Friend.”  –VH

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