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Jacob has been blessed with the opportunity to officiate at weddings since he became a rabbi in 1977. He first began officiating at Jewish same-sex weddings in 1988. After coming out as a gay man in 2001, he himself was married to his husband Michael in 2009. For all the Jewish weddings at which he officiates, Jacob works closely with the couple to begin with the traditional outline of the Jewish ceremony and to create together a ceremony that reflects the deepest aspirations and commitments of the wedding couple.  You can contact him at or 215-896-5590.


It was both an honor and a pleasure working with Rabbi Jacob Staub on our commitment ceremony. We absolutely could not have done it without him! From the very start, Rabbi Jacob was warm and friendly. He made us feel comfortable from the very start and made it so easy to speak with. He remained a knowledgeable guide throughout the whole experience, giving us advice on everything from how to select a Ketubah to the intricacies of the ceremony itself. One of the things that made our ceremony so special was that Rabbi Jacob truly got to know us. When he spoke about us and what our relationship meant to each other, it was personal and real. So many of our guests approached us during the reception to tell us how beautiful and insightful Rabbi Jacob’s words we’re, and how moved they were. Several of the guests cried tears of joy! Eugene’s own mother, standing beside us and Rabbi Jacob under the huppah, said “…she felt an incredible sense of peace and love.” We are so lucky to have had Jacob Staub officiate our ceremony and would like to thank him for all his wisdom, kindness, and support!           ~ Eugene & Vincent

I can’t tell you how many people after our wedding ceremony asked us, “Where did you find that Rabbi? He was amazing!”

Rabbi Staub is exceptional. My partner Sharyn and I feel so lucky and blessed that he officiated our wedding this past October.

To begin, Rabbi Staub takes the time to listen and really gets to know you. We planned our wedding in a relatively short amount of time (4 months!) but during this time we were able to have 2-3 phone meetings and one in person meeting where he met us at our hotel when we were in Philly, not to mention countless email exchanges. He answered our questions and was patient as we tried to figure out just what we wanted in our wedding.

He is a resource for Jewish tradition and faith and is also able to bring fresh perspectives and bring these traditions alive for us. He would frequently send readings and examples to help develop our ceremony. As a non-Jew, I felt like I could ask questions with ease and in turn I was encouraged to incorporate some meaningful cultural traditions of my own.

Rabbi Staub is a role model. The process of getting married can be difficult and stressful for anyone. But being gay, Sharyn and I often felt the lack of gay role models. It can feel lonely, overwhelming and at times it feels like you have to create everything from scratch. However, drawing on his own experience having a same-sex marriage combined with his deep knowledge of Jewish tradition, Rabbi Staub could guide us and help us access the Jewish traditions that have supported couples for centuries, not based on sexual orientation, but on the love, commitment and faith of two people joining together in marriage. Rabbi Staub is a source of inspiration and someone we both look up to.

Rabbi Staub is a dynamic and moving officiant. He weaves together the sanctity and joy of marriage to create a truly meaningful ceremony. His booming voice and eloquence allowed our ceremony to resonate not only for us but for our family and friends. His speech to us during the ceremony was so personal and special. It was a perfect balance of seriousness, joy and humor. It was exactly what we wanted.

~ Laryssa

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